This year we are offering new workshops, topics, and opportunities to learn best practices that can be applied to your ministry, business or non-profit organization.

001: Creating Courses and Classes that Change Lives: Real-time Christian Education

Reverend Esther L. Gordon, Director, Education & Training Department, FBCG

Successful Christian education programs are built on the foundation of faith in Jesus Christ and the implementation of proven methods. This workshop offers a methodology for developing teaching curriculums that change lives while advancing the biblical education of your congregation.

002: Beyond the Pulpit:  Roles and Responsibilities of an Associate Minister

This session is for associate pastors, associate ministers, lay ministers and aspiring ministers who seek to learn the principles of healthy leadership.

003: For Pastors Only

Pastor John Jenkins Sr., Senior Pastor, FBCG

This session offers senior pastors an opportunity to engage with Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. and pastors from around the country who will share insights and address challenges relevant to pastoring at all stages of ministry.

004: Meeting Needs and Supporting the Body: Deaconry 101

Deacon James Davis, FBCG

The needs of the church are as diverse and varied as its members. The diaconate are servant leaders who are called to support the pastor and the individuals who make up the body of believers.  This session will highlight the roles and responsibilities of both deacons and deaconess and will address the spiritual and moral character qualities necessary for success.

005: #YoungAdults

Joshua Jenkins, Director, ID Young Adult Ministry, FBCG

70% of millennials are not engaged in church. Studies project that within the next ten years the church will no longer be relevant to those between the ages 24-37. Is your church effectively engaging young-adults? Are you reaching out to them in the community and helping them to identify who they are in the Kingdom of God? This session will promote a healthy discussion about strategies for empowering young adults to live godly lives of purpose and passion.

006: Relationship Goals: Training Couples to Live as One

Reverends Skip and Beverly Little, Directors, Couples Ministry, FBCG

Marriages that endure while reflecting God’s glory require skill and grace. Making biblical principles relevant and applicable are the keys to building lasting unions. This session will highlight key components necessary for developing an effective, holistic ministry that meets couples where they are and motivates them to become everything God desires.

007: Relevant Themes and Things: Ministering to Men at the Right Place, at the Right Time

Dr. Johnny Parker – Moderator, Director, Spiritual Cares, FBCG

Reverend Skip Little – Director, Couples Ministry, FBCG,

Deacon Rickey McCullough, FBCG

Reverend Norman Thomas, FBCG


In this session, leaders of the Men’s Ministry will highlight some of their creative initiatives that attract men both inside and outside of the church. They will also discuss the impact that these programs, events, and teachings have on the church and surrounding communities and will cover key concepts that will enable you to do the same.

008: Alternative Events: Fostering Fellowship and “Doing Life” Together

Children and Youth Department- Rev. William Berkley, Sr., Department Head

Young Adult Ministry- Joshua Jenkins, Director

Couples Ministry -Rev. Beverly Little, Director

Singles Ministry- Georgina Agyekum Manzano, Director

Men’s Ministry- Dr. Johnny Parker, Director


The church has a mandate to share the gospel and to make disciples; however, statics show that approximately 80% of the US population is un-churched.  This session will discuss innovative ways to attract and engage children, young adults, singles, men, and women who may not visit a church service; but will attend a fun event.  Learn how to attract, engage and retain members by hosting events that foster fellowship.

009: Self-Care Takes Work: Prescription for Healthy Leaders

Reverend Johnny Parker, Director, Spiritual Cares, FBCG

Remaining emotionally healthy while in a position of leadership is vital to the development and sustainability of your organization. This session will teach you how to balance day to day obligations while carrying out the vision of Christ.

010: Training Them Up to Go Beyond: Effective Children and Youth Ministry

Moderator – Jualecia Malone, Director, FBCG

Kim Green – Kids World/ Princess of the Throne, Director, FBCG

Deacon Doug Smith, FBCG

Wayne Apple, Director – Gideon’s Army, FBCG

Reverend Berkley –  Children and Youth Department Head, FBCG


Jesus was deliberate in bidding the children to come to Him.  We are responsible for doing the same by creating an environment where their relationship with the Lord is created and nurtured.

In this session, our children and youth ministry leaders will highlight proven steps to create and develop children’s ministries that serve children from infants to tween and teens.

011: Act II: But Wait, There’s More! Inspiring Seniors to Go Beyond!

Reverend Sheryl Smith – Senior Group, Director, FBCG

This workshop will discuss the importance of encouraging seniors to remain active in church and their communities. Explore ways ministries can meet the needs of their seasoned members and help them maintain their vitality and mobility in their golden years.

012: Single Relations: Inspiring Singles to Live Their Best Lives

Dr. Georgina Agyekum Manzano – Singles Ministry, Director, FBCG

Being single in the age of social media and a sexually charged culture present challenges for those who desire to live in a way that glorifies the Lord. This session will explore ways to identify topics and strategies that are relevant to singles (inside and outside of the church) while engaging and challenging them to pursue purpose and maximize their potential.

013: Evangelizing Like a Pro: Taking the Word Out Into the World

Deacon Larry Bussell, FBCG

Minister Gail Bussell, FBCG

Witnessing should be a way of life, not something done every now and then. Learn strategies for equipping members to share the Good News with new converts, backsliders, the un-churched and the unsure both inside and out of the church!

014: Mastering Life: Developing Life-Changing Discipleship Ministries

Moderator – Deaconess Angelia Neal, FBCG

Queen Esther – Reverend Carolyn Tatem, Director, FBCG

Divine Discipleship for Sisters – Sherry Blue, Director, FBCG

Brothers in Discipleship – Deacon Kenneth McNeil, Assistant Director, FBCG

Joshua’s Anointed Generation – Milton Holt, Director, FBCG

All believers have been commissioned to make disciples; but how do you do it?  In this session leaders from some of the FBCG discipleship ministries will offer principles from their creative initiatives and the profound impact these programs, events, and teachings have had in the church and surrounding communities.

015: Reaching and Relating to Youth – Right Now!

Reverend Jonathan Z. Queen, Associate Pastor, Youth Ministry, FBCG

Reaching youth, especially those who aren’t engaged in the church requires understanding their world and their communication styles.  This workshop will focus on reaching and equipping youth to live for Christ by imparting biblical truths in a variety of innovative and fun ways.

016: Relevant Themes and Things: Ministering to Women at the Right Place, at the Right Time

First Lady Trina Jenkins- Family Life Department Head, FBCG

An effective women’s ministry should be as unique and dynamic as the women it serves. This workshop will provide insight on establishing and growing a ministry pertinent to the issues of the modern-day woman, and how to anticipate trends in order to remain relevant in the coming years.

017: Lifted Up: Cultivating the Worship Experience

Reverend Stephen Hurd, Minister of Music, FBCG
Ministers of music, singers, musicians and worship leaders must be in harmony to help set the worship atmosphere and break yokes.  Learn how First Baptist Church of Glenarden has expanded BEYOND! to embrace the importance of music in the worship experience.

018: Lifting Him Up: Musicians Preparation for Worship

Anthony Miller: Music/ Band Director, FBCG

This session will offer effective ministry tools and tips for your band (the Levites). We will cover the importance of having effective rehearsals and working with Digital Audio Workstations such as Ableton, Logic, and ProTools to enhance the worship experience. In addition, you will learn Musical Analysis and how to respond to the sound and form of music. We honor God when we offer him our very best musical preparation, heart condition and positive spirit. You will leave this session invigorated!

019: Build the Choir Up! The Basic Building Blocks for Effective Choir Growth

Minister Mike McCoy: Assistant Minister of Music, FBCG

This session will review the basic requirements for ministry excellence. In addition, you will learn more about the development of ministry members and the essential characteristics needed to be effective in music ministry and in a choir specifically. This class is best suited for those who desire to build a choir or for those looking to make improvements to a current ministry or music group.

020: Casting Nets:  The Ministry of Drama

Joshua Jenkins, Director, Drama Ministry, FBCG

The ways to share the gospel are limitless. Our Drama ministry has been effective in reaching souls for Christ through biblically-based theatrical performances. This workshop will provide tools and practice tips for building, creating and maintaining an effective theatrical ministry.

 021: Audio Visuals: Equipment, Techniques, and Tips to Take Your Message Beyond

Jay Holloway, Broadcast and Media Services, Director, FBCG

Whether you represent a ministry in its infancy or a thriving non-profit organization, the ability to broadcast and share your message via various mediums is crucial. This workshop will lay the foundational principles that are essential to all things audio and visual.

022: Rolling Out the Red Carpet: Stellar Service, Next Level Hospitality

Fred Johnson, Director, First Touch Ministry, FBCG and Johnesia Canady, Pastoral Support, FBCG

When visitors enter your church or engage with your ministry do they feel welcome? As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  This session will teach you how to excel in the area of hospitality and will discuss ways to make your members and guests feel like the VIPs that they are.

023: Let’s Get Social! Social Media 101

Keisha Lewis, Social Media Ministry, Director, FBCG

If you’re not engaging on social media, you’re missing out on a significant opportunity to minister to members and those who aren’t connected to your ministry. This workshop will show you how to convert social media platforms into opportunities for ministering to lost souls while growing your organization. This session will focus on strategies for maximizing your social media presence and practical tips and models on creating an effective social media marketing and ministry strategy.

024: Winning with Difficult People: Mastering Bible-based Conflict Resolution

Deaconess Thelma Hagood, Director, Human Resources, FBCG

When conflict arises, proper resolution in a timely manner is key. This session focuses on the tools and resources available to promote effective conflict management and resolution.

025: Not Your Average Product Sales: Ministering Through Media, Merchandise and More

Wanda Milian, Media Operations, Director, FBCG

There are countless ways to share the gospel through merchandise regardless of the size of your ministry.  This workshop will reveal the secrets to successfully merchandise your message while meeting your bottom line.

026: Personnel, Processes and More: Human Resources for Ministry

Kim Robinson, Human Resources, Manager, FBCG

Even ministries must operate as a business at times, particularly when it comes to administration, human resources, hiring, staff development, organizational structure, legalities and everything related to “running the church”.  This session will teach you how to manage the business affairs of your ministry in excellence.

027: The Nuts and Bolts of Church Operations

Dr. Joseph E. Jones, Sr., Chief Operating Officer, FBCG

Running a faith-based organization in excellence takes skill, planning, and a heart for others.  Whether you’re a new ministry or one that has been around for many years, you will gain insight and tools needed to take your organization to another level. 

028: Behind the Scenes: Administrative Support Services for Ministries

Reverend Lettie Carr, Ministry and Administrative Support Services, Director, FBCG

Administration is the glue that holds all of the moving parts of ministry together and running seamlessly.  This session caters specifically to administrative assistants who support the ministry overall.  Learn tools, systems, and protocols that allow ministry to run efficiently.


029: Prevent, Protect, React: Active Shooter and Violence Preparedness

In this current climate of uncertainty and violence, situational awareness and preparedness is key to survival. This session will give you the information needed to safeguard lives and promote safety in whatever the given scenario may be.

030: Church Structuring and Succession Planning

Elder Stanley Featherstone, Facilities & Strategic Projects Operations, Director, FBCG

This workshop will explore the differences and similarities between a traditional governance model and one that is tailored specifically to your ministry.  It will also address key considerations for implementing a succession and/or crisis plan.

031: Making Sense Out of These Dollars: Financial Fitness for Healthy Ministries

Deacon William Gentry, Chief Financial Officer, FBCG

How well is your church or ministry managing its money? Would you pass an audit with flying colors? This workshop will cover budget preparation and management techniques that will promote proper stewardship in any economy.

032: Nontraditional Keys to a Growing Church

Pastor Keith Battle, Zion Church

Are you interested in learning more about how to develop your ministry to be held at multiple locations? This session will touch on utilizing technology in multi-siting and leveraging other nontraditional methods in growing a church.

043: Corporate Formation for Ministries and More

Damien Fields, President & CEO of HME Consulting, Inc.
This session will highlight subjects such as Strategic planning, Corporate formation, and 501 (c3) tax compliance specifically for Faith-Based, Non-Profit, and Emerging Businesses. You will leave informed and with the confidence to put your business affairs in order.

033: Strong Bodies, Strong Church: Cultivating Faith-Based Health and Wellness Ministries and Events

Prof. Maria Stevens Hardy, Health Ministry, FBCG

Scripture teaches that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  As such we should take care of it and maintain it through diet and exercise. This session will teach the principles of fostering strategic partnerships and building the infrastructure necessary to launch a thriving health and wellness fair that ministers to your organization and the community!

034: Rescue and Recovery: Reaching People in the Grips of Abuse and Life-Controlling Issues

 Reverend Allison Johnson, Beauty for Ashes Ministry, Director, FBCG

 Reverend Linda Thomas, Domestic Violence Ministry, Director, FBCG

 Reverend Norman Thomas, Samson’s Dilemma Ministry, Director, FBCG

Deacon David Moore, Turning Point Ministry, Director, FBCG

This workshop provides tools to help create a safe, healthy environment to help individuals overcome abuse and life-controlling problems in a small group setting.

035: Ministering to those with Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction

Debora Barr, Director, All Things New Ministry, FBCG

This session will teach fundamental principles in ministering to men, women, and teenagers who experience unwanted same-sex attraction; creating a safe environment where they can experience the love of Christ while examining their lives in light of biblical truth.

036: Missions Possible: Domestic and International Outreach

Priscilla Ferebee, Director, National Missions Ministry, FBCG

Stanley Jones, Director, International Missions Ministry, FBCG

Are you interested in launching a missions ministry that touches people locally as well as internationally? This session will walk you through the steps in creating a strategy for developing a dynamic missions ministry regardless of the size of your organization. 

037: Getting Out: Ministering and Relating to the Incarcerated

Rev. Veronica Fennell, Director, Prison Ministry, FBCG

One of the main objectives of a prison ministry should be freedom from spiritual bondage in addition to providing tangible resources that empower those who are in the prison system. This workshop will provide guidance on establishing programs to share the gospel with the incarcerated that will give them a viable opportunity for a second chance when they reenter society.

038: Planning and Coordinating Funerals That Give Hope and Comfort

Rhonda Green, Funeral Manager, FBCG

End of life planning can be a very sensitive topic; however, oftentimes people turn to the church in their time of need. In this session, we will detail strategies and methods that will ensure a seamless and stress-free service. We will also touch on topics such as coordination, mediation, and ways to help families navigate through their difficult season.

039: The ABCs of Mental Health and Wellness

Deaconess Yvette Haley, Spiritual Cares, FBCG

Throughout our lifetime, we will experience highs and lows in the cycle of life; however certain situations and life challenges may trigger signs of depression, anxiety, and other common mental health issues.  This course will teach you how to identify when someone is in crisis and what steps to take to help remedy the situation.

040: Ministering to the Brokenhearted: Navigating Through Grief and Bereavement

Melanie Gordon, Healing, Transitions, and Bereavement Ministry, FBCG

Deaconess Mary Wright, Healing, Transitions, and Bereavement Ministry, FBCG

Grief is a very real aspect of life that everyone will have to encounter at some point in time.  This session will empower attendees to establish a forum that allows members to grieve naturally and in a healthy environment.

041: No Longer Overlooked: Ministering to Those with Special Needs and Their Caregivers

Rev. Sylvia Taylor, Special Needs Ministry, Director, FBCG

Those with special needs can sometimes be overlooked in the body of Christ; however, they should be considered as integral members of the church.  This session will guide you in being able to support families, children, and adults who have specific abilities and atypical development. It will empower you to help them participate in every aspect of the church community, regardless of physical, intellectual, developmental and/or emotional disabilities.

042: Community Collaborations and Connecting with Elected Officials

Barbara Holt Streeter, Community Relations Liaison, FBCG

This session will outline how to use your voice and presence to build God’s kingdom as His ambassador when working with officials from schools, local and state governments, and even the White House!  You will leave equipped and empowered to CREATE … CONNECT… and COLLABORATE in order to BUILD STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIPS.

All workshops are open to everyone on a first come, first served basis until room capacity is reached on the day of the conference.