Think Tanks

Instead of rotating through our concurrent workshops, you may opt to participate in the Think Tanks. By definition, a Think Tank is a group of people who work together to produce new ideas on a particular subject, learning from each other, problem-solving and leaving with results-oriented action plans. We developed the Think Tanks so you can spend the day with like-minded participants and share your experiences with the subject matter. Note that there will be three specific topic sessions, but discussions and specific agendas will be driven by the participants’ needs.

Pastoral Support

Presenters: Pastoral Support Team

This will be a gathering of administrative assistants, executive assistants and secretaries who serve in the administrative areas of the church, including ministry support, the main office, receptionists and assistants to senior pastors and/or first ladies. Spend the entire day with the First Baptist Church of Glenarden Pastoral Support Team learning some of their best practices and tools for supporting the senior pastor and first lady administratively.

Establishing a Flag and Banner Ministry 

Presenter:  Karen Matthews, President, Banner Ministry, FBCG

Throughout history, Flags and Banners have been used as symbolic representations of faith. They give direction and encouragement, declare victory and identify the One who is in control. They also serve as an outward expression of praises in the hearts of God’s people. This all day session will review techniques and movement associated with Flags and Banners. Participants will also learn how create a dynamic Banner Ministry.