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Learn more about the focus areas of this year's Beyond! Conference.

This year we are offering new workshops, topics and opportunities to learn best practices that can be applied to your ministry, business or non-profit organization.

The flexibility of this virtual conference allows you to attend all workshops at a pace that fits your personal schedule, as all Beyond! content will be available on-demand after the conference.

These workshops will position you to better care for your congregation as you learn to minister to the unique needs and experiences of various groups.

For Pastors Only

This session offers senior pastors an opportunity to engage with Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. and pastors from around the country who will share insights and address present day challenges relevant to pastoring.

Prioritizing Self-Care: Leading From a Healthy Place in a Covid-19 Environment

Remaining emotionally healthy while in a position of leadership is vital to the development and sustainability of your organization. This session will teach you how to balance day to day obligations in an ever-changing environment.

Evangelizing from a Distance: Sharing the Gospel Like a Pro Even at a Distance

Sharing the Gospel or your personal testimony should be a way of life. Learn strategies for equipping members to share the Good News with new converts, backsliders, the un-churched and the unsure, even from a distance.

Winning With Difficult People: Conflict Resolution for Coworkers and Family Members

When conflict arises, proper resolution in a timely manner is key. This session focuses on tools and resources available to promote effective conflict management and resolution with family members and coworkers.

Mental Health Post Corona: Caring for a Changing Culture

We will all experience highs and lows in the cycle of life; however, certain situations and life challenges may trigger signs of depression, anxiety and other common mental health issues. This course will teach participants how to identify when someone is in crisis and what steps to take to help remedy the situation.

Comfort and Consolation: Mastering Funeral Coordination During Covid-19

End of life planning is a sensitive topic, especially in times of crisis. Oftentimes, people turn to the church in their time of need. This session will detail strategies and methods that will ensure a seamless and stress-free service within state guidelines. It will also touch on topics such as coordination, mediation and ways to help families navigate through their difficult season while distancing.

These workshops will provide an opportunity for you to learn tools, systems and protocols that will allow your ministry or organization to operate efficiently.

The Path to Re-entry: Church Operations Post Covid-19

Shutting down and reopening a faith-based organization after a pandemic takes skill and planning. Whether you’re a new ministry or one that has been around for many years, you will gain insight on considerations and measures needed to maintain effective church operations in the path to re-entry post Covid-19.

Policies, Personnel and Procedures: Human Resources in the Era of Covid-19

Even ministries must operate like a business at times. This is especially true when it comes to administration, human resources, hiring, staff development, organizational structure, legalities and everything related to “running the church.” This session will highlight things you need to know as you manage the personnel matters of your ministry in the era of Covid- 19.

Sharing the Message Through Merchandising: Building an Effective Online Store

There are many ways to share the gospel through merchandise regardless of the size of your ministry.  This workshop will reveal ways to launch and execute an online media center that will allow you to merchandize your message while meeting your bottom line.

Ministry Finance in Crisis

How well is your church or ministry managing its money? This workshop will cover budget considerations, financial aid accessible to ministries and management techniques that will promote proper stewardship in any economy.

Processes and Procedures: Ministry Administrative Support

Administration is the glue that holds the moving parts of ministry together so that the organization can run seamlessly. This session caters specifically to administrative assistants who support the ministry overall. Participants will learn tools, systems and protocols that will allow their ministries to run efficiently.

These workshops will focus on how to develop teaching curriculums that change lives while advancing the biblical education of your congregation or organization.

Christian Education: The Challenges and Advantages of Distance Learning

Successful Christian education programs are built on the foundation of faith in Jesus Christ and the implementation of proven methods. Transferring these courses online has its pros and cons. This session will outline things to consider when thinking of going virtual.

Women in Leadership

Women are as competent and capable of leading as their male counterparts.  This workshop will share biblical strategies and techniques that will allow your gifts to make room for you in a male-dominated environment.

Raising Them Right: Connecting With Children and Youth While Distancing

FBCG children and youth ministry leaders will highlight lessons learned and things to consider when ministering to children and youth in the era of physical distancing.

Relentless: Going Beyond Your Everyday Women’s Ministry Post Covid-19

This session will provide insight on tips and tools to effectively minister to women online through technology and creativity.

10x Better Man: Going Beyond Your Everyday Men’s Ministry in a Covid-19 Environment

In this session, leaders of the Men’s Ministry will highlight some of their creative initiatives that attract men to the things of God. They will also discuss how they have been able to maintain their connections in this changing environment.

Ministering to Boomers: Keeping Seniors Connected

This workshop will discuss the importance of keeping seniors encouraged and connected while quarantined. Explore ways ministries can meet the needs of their seasoned members and help them maintain their vitality and mobility in their golden years.

Honoring the Vows: Teaching Couples to Survive and Thrive After Sheltering in Place

This session will highlight helpful strategies and techniques for couples to navigate a post Covid-19 environment.

Game Changers: Maintaining Transformational Discipleship Ministries

In this session, leaders representing some of the FBCG discipleship ministries will offer principles and strategies from their respective initiatives that have had a profound impact on members and those in surrounding communities.

Teens & Tweens: Training Up Youth to Lead Online

This workshop will focus on reaching and equipping youth to live for Christ by imparting biblical truths in a variety of innovative and fun ways.

Leadership, Execution and Management

During this workshop, Ed Stetzer will discuss the synergetic relationship between leading with vision, managing people and getting things done.

These workshops will focus on the creative disciplines of communications and the arts, enabling you to reach audiences through tailored messaging and engaging worship experiences.

Using Social Media to Combat Social Distancing

During these times of social distancing, you must overcommunicate to remain connected with your congregants. This session will highlight digital tools and social media strategies to help you implement an effective communication and marketing strategy.

Audio Visuals During Distancing

Whether you represent a ministry in its infancy or a thriving non-profit organization, the ability to broadcast and share your message via various mediums is crucial. This workshop will lay the foundational principles that are essential to all things audio and visual.

Perfect Harmony: Keys to Cultivating a Healthy Choir

This session will review basic requirements for ministry excellence. You will learn how to develop ministry members and how to identify characteristics needed to create an impactful choir both in the sanctuary and online.

In His Presence: Elevating the Worship Experience

Ministers of music, singers, musicians and worship leaders must be in harmony to help create the right worship environment. You will learn the importance of music in enhancing the worship experience whether in person or online.

These workshops will provide an opportunity to gain tools that will help your ministry or organization effectively engage with and impact members of your local community.

Missions Through New Lenses

While our environment has changed, the mission of the body of Christ remains the same.  How do we cleanse our lenses of fear so that we may see our God-given vision clearly?  Even in a pandemic, people still need a touch from Jesus. This session will review logistics, precautions and other considerations while moving forward in the realm of missions.

Balm for Broken Hearts: Ministering to the Grieving and Bereaved

Grief is a very real aspect of life that many are experiencing in this season. This workshop will empower participants to create a forum that allows members to grieve naturally and in a healthy environment.

Pivoting for Success: Entrepreneurial Opportunities Post Covid-19

Coronavirus has changed life in a myriad of ways, particularly in the way that we do business. This workshop will explore ways to use your God-given skills and talents to make minor adjustments to your current businesses or the ideas to start a new one.

Engaging With Elected Officials and Collaborating With Your Community

This session will teach how to use your voice and presence to build God’s kingdom as His ambassador when working with officials representing schools and  local and state governments. You will leave equipped and empowered to Create … Connect… and Collaborate in order to build strategic relationships.

Recovery 411: Reaching the Abused and Those Coping With Life -Controlling Issues

This workshop provides tools to help create a safe, healthy environment to help individuals overcome abuse and life-controlling problems even while distancing.