Music & Arts Bonus Day

The BEYOND! Conference is excited to present a day-long track of intense training in Music & Arts. Our Music & Arts Master Sessions will be facilitated by award-winning artists and musicians who are among the best in gospel today.  This day is OPTIONAL.

Prepared: Now…for Later

Presenter:  Minister Stephen Hurd, Director, Music and Arts Department, FBCG

Life is about transition. We are always moving, growing, and changing. It is imperative that as you go through ministry, you are always preparing for what’s next. This class is designed to push you to be prepared for changing seasons and to always be where you are celebrated and not just tolerated.

The “Voice” Vocal Maintenance

Presenter: Kevette Burwell, FBCG

This session will help participants comprehend the basic elements of voice and vocal chords while helping them develop beneficial habits to improve delivery and presentation.

Life Support – Balancing Ministry & Career to Avoid Burn Out

Presenter: Pastor Richard Brown

“HELP!  I love Jesus. I love ministry, but my world is falling apart”. This is the sentiment of those in ministry all over the world. This class is designed to provide real insight and helpful tools to create the necessary balance between life and ministry.

A Strong Foundation: Living a Life of Worship

Presenter: Minister Stephen Hurd, Director, Music and Arts Department, FBCG

Authentic adoration and reverence does not originate solely at the beginning of service, but should be reflective of a lifestyle that is submitted into the Lord. Join Minister Stephen Hurd as he walks you through not just singing a worship song, but living a worship LIFE!

Church Choir ‘101’

Presenter: Patrick Lundy, National Recording Artist  

The choir is the fundamental musical offering of the church. Learn how to be most effective in your choir presentation. From music selection to choir decorum, this session is sure to sharpen your skills and give you tools to bringing excellence back to the choir stand.

For Songwriters Only

Presenter: Anthony Brown, Assistant Director, Music and Arts Department, FBCG

Sharpen your lyrical skills while staying true to the message. An award-winning song writer will share thoughts on spending time alone, and in the Word to create inspirational verses, choruses and bridges for various audiences, including recording artists.

The Forum: A Musicians Guide to Success

Presenter: Danny Weatherspoon, Duane Thomas, Aaron Spears, Darryl Woodson, Antone Caldwell, The FBCG Band

Spend this session with the renowned band members of FBCG. Discover how to study, rehearse, and train in order to stay relevant. Learn how to support your entire Music and Arts Department including annual musical productions, multiple choirs, Sunday services and much, much more.