Ministry Enhancement Workshops

This special track is targeted to ministries and nonprofits that are interested in learning ways to heighten their ministry experience. We have designed breakouts that will give you an opportunity to adopt best practices from our ministries and leaders and gain valuable insight on how to enhance your ministry at its most basic function in worship.

21st Century Deaconry: Qualifications and Responsibilities of a Deacon/Deaconess

Presenter:  Deacon James Davis, FBCG Deacon Ministry

This session will share insights about some of the essential qualifications that should be prevalent in a leader’s life as described in 1 Tim. 3:1-8, Titus 2 and Acts 6.  Learn how these two ministries use the power of collaboration in their responsibilities to serve the church in practical, spiritual, and temporal matters as servant-leaders.

Faith & Fertility: Moving from Stigma to Support

Presenters: Minister Norman and Wanda Thomas, Abrahams Promise Ministry, FBCG

This workshop will offer strategies and resources to inform and empower ministries to provide support to families who are experiencing infertility challenges and how the church can meet their spiritual and physical needs. It will also cover support to families who are considering expanding their family through adoption or foster care.

Planning a Faith-Based Health & Wellness Event

Presenter: Dr. Karyn Wills, Cheryl Cook and Maria Hardy, FBCG Health Ministry

The FBCG Health Ministry has over 23 years in executing a successful health and wellness fair. This session will teach you the nuts and bolts of fostering strategic partnerships and building the infrastructure necessary to launch a thriving health and wellness fair that will impact your community!

Supporting the Vision of the Pastor Through Hospitality

Presenter: Fred Johnson, Director, FBCG First Touch Ministry

Do visitors feel welcome when they enter your church? How are they received? As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  This session will teach you how to excel in the area of hospitality and demonstrate ways to make members and guests feel like the VIPs they are.

The Ministry of Human Resources

Presenter: Kim Robinson, Manager, FBCG Human Resources Department

This will be a gathering of church workers who focus on the business side of ministry, including administration, human resources, hiring, staff development, organizational structure, legalities and all aspects of “running the church.” Learn how to manage the church’s business affairs in excellence.

Making the Wheels on the Bus Go Around

Presenter: First Lady Trina Jenkins, Department Head, FBCG Family Life Ministries

Who’s on your bus? Every ministry leader must make tough decisions to move their bus/ministry beyond. This session will teach ministry leaders how to make tough decisions, even when it means removing beloved people and filling the gap until the right people come aboard. It also will focus on helping ministry members going through transition after a tough decision.

Winning with Difficult People

Presenter: Deaconess Thelma Hagood, Director, FBCG Human Resources, Department

When conflict arises, proper resolution in a timely manner is key. This session focuses on tools and resources available to promote effective conflict management and resolution.