Help & Hope For Community Impact

This track is targeted to ministries and nonprofits that are interested in developing programs and courses to aid in the spiritual maturity and development of their members. We have designed breakouts that will give you an opportunity to adopt best practices from our ministries and leaders, plus gain valuable insight on how to enhance your ministry.

Helping Others Master Life-Controlling Behaviors

Presenter:  Deacon David Moore, Director, FBCG Turning Point Ministries

This workshop provides tools to create a safe, healthy environment in helping individuals overcome life-controlling problems such as substance abuse, anger, addictions, etc., in a small-group setting.

Ministering to Those Impacted by Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction

Presenter: Debora Barr, Director, FBCG All Things New Ministry

Learn how to minister to men, women and teenagers who experience unwanted same-sex attraction. You can create a safe environment for them to examine their lives in light of biblical truth while they cultivate personal intimacy with Jesus Christ.

Unlocking the Power of the Missional Church

Presenter: Don Goldon, Missions Consultant and Strategist

In a world divided by religion, race and politics and torn by poverty, refugees and war the Church of Jesus Christ must rise in faith, hope and power to fulfill the Great Commission. This interactive presentation explores 5 principles that unlock the power of the missional church, offering theological and practical grounds to revolutionize your churches’ mission program.

Extending Grace to the Ex-Offender

Presenter: Minister Veronica Lassiter, Director, FBCG Prison Ministry

Prison ministry should offer freedom from spiritual bondage. We have collaborated with multiple facilities for men and women, assisting in finances, coaching, teaching biblical truths and promoting self-esteem. Learn how to establish programs to share the gospel with prisoners and give them viable opportunities for a second chance upon re-entering society.

Community Engagement: Working With Elected Officials and the Community

Presenter: Barbara Holt-Streeter, FBCG Community Relations Liaison

Community engagement involves building relationships with your elected officials including the White House, local schools, Chamber of Commerce, homeowner’s associations, community leaders and local, state and federal agencies. Imagine using your voice and presence to build God’s kingdom and be a witness for Jesus as His ambassador. You can change lives within these intimate circles and make a difference. This workshop will teach you how to CREATE … CONNECT… and COLLABORATE to BUILD STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIPS.

So You Want to Start a Nonprofit?

Presenter: Minister Cynthia Terry, President, SHABACH! Ministries, Inc.

Ministering to the congregation and serving the community can require different levels of time, resources and manpower. Discover if it’s time to form a nonprofit and what you need to start. Leaders from FBCG’s 501(c)3 organization will highlight some successful programs, including the Emergency Empowerment Center, which provides food and clothing to the needy.