Christian Education Workshops

Building a Foundation for Christian Education

Presenter:  Reverend Esther L. Gordon, Department Head, FBCG Education & Training Ministries

Learn methods for developing effective teaching curriculums that successfully adapt messages to a given population, and align with the unchanging Word.  


For Pastors Only

Presenter: Pastor John Jenkins Sr., Senior Pastor, FBCG

This session offers senior pastors an opportunity to engage with Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. and pastors from around the country who will share insights and address challenges relevant to pastoring at all stages of ministry.


Young Adult Ministry: Keys to Effectively Ministering to Millennials

Presenter: Joshua Jenkins, Director, FBCG Young Adult Ministry

A strong young-adult presence and engagement are imperative to an organization’s sustainability. Let’s discuss strategies to empower young adults to lead and engage at work, in church and their communities.


Healthy Couples: Practical Principles for Healthy Marriages

Presenters: Ministers Skip and Beverly Little, Directors, FBCG Couples Ministry

Kingdom principles are often counter-cultural. Making biblical principles such as forgiveness, love, and repentance relevant to couples today is a ministry. This session offers strategies for making your couples ministry real, relevant and relatable.


Ministering to Men in the Millennium

Moderator: Dr. Johnny Parker, Director, FBCG Men’s Ministry

Panelists: Minister Skip Little, Director, FBCG Men Connecting with Christ; Deacon Rickey McCullough, FBCG; Deacon Doug Smith, FBCG

Leaders of the Men’s Ministry will highlight creative initiatives, events, and techniques that minister to men in ways that lead to transformation.


Church Finances: Stewardship Within Your Means

Presenter: Deacon William Gentry, FBCG Chief Financial Officer

This workshop will help you to maximize and effectively manage your ministry resources.


Healthy Leadership: Leading from a Place of Health and Wholeness

Presenter: Dr. Johnny Parker, Director, FBCG Spiritual Cares

Remaining emotionally healthy as a leader is vital to the development and sustainability of your organization. Learn how to balance the day to day while carrying out the vision of Christ.


Redefining the Box: Principles for Impactful Children’s Ministry

Moderator: Deacon Doug Smith, FBCG

Panelists: Kim Green, Director, FBCG Kids World/Princess of the Throne; Jualecia Malone, Director, FBCG Star Ministry; Wayne Apple, Director, FBCG Gideon’s Army Ministry; Reverend William Berkeley, Department Head, FBCG Children & Youth Ministries

Learn proven steps to develop ministries that serve toddlers and children. Discover techniques to “train up” children with principles and biblical truths.


Ministering to the Modern Senior

Presenter: Reverend Sheryl Smith, Director, FBCG Senior Care Group

Explore ways that ministries can meet the needs of seasoned members and help them remain connected and engaged well into their golden years.


Same Word, Different Single

Presenter: Georgina Agyekum Manzano, Director, FBCG Singles Ministry

Discover innovative ways, to share the Word in ways that engage and challenge singles to pursue purpose and maximize their potential in whatever season they find themselves.


True Evangelism: Witnessing Anchored in Biblical Truth

Presenter: Deaconess Gail Bussell, FBCG

Witnessing is the cornerstone of Christianity. Learn systems for equipping members to share the Good News with new converts, backsliders, the unchurched and the unsure, both inside and out of the church!


Principles for Healthy Discipleship Ministry

Panelists: Minister Carolyn Tatem, Director, FBCG Queen Esther Ministry; Sherri Blue, Director, FBCG Divine Discipleship for Sisters Ministry; Kenneth McNeal, Assistant Director, FBCG Brothers in Discipleship Ministry; Jeff Barnett, Assistant Director, FBCG Joshua’s Anointed Generation Ministry

Leaders from some of FBCG’s discipleship ministries will highlight materials, events, and strategies that bring about meaningful discipleship opportunities that foster spiritual growth.


Youth Ministry that Breaks the Box and Makes An Impact

Presenter: Reverend Jonathan Z. Queen, Associate Pastor, FBCG Youth Ministry

This workshop will focus on reaching and equipping youth to unashamedly live for Christ, imparting biblical truths in innovative and fun ways.


Funeral Planning 101

Presenter: Rhonda Green, Funeral Coordinator, FBCG

Attendees will be equipped with the tools needed to serve their congregation through exit planning and funerals.


ABCs of Mental Health

Presenter: Dr. Johnny Parker, Director, FBCG Spiritual Cares

As mental health challenges arise in your organization, be equipped with the proper tools to effectively support those in need.


Keys to A Growing Church

Presenter: Pastor Keith Battle, Senior Pastor of Zion Church

Bigger isn’t necessarily better and smaller isn’t necessarily worse. The ability to reach lost souls, impact families and expand the Kingdom is a worthwhile endeavor for every church. Grasp the principles necessary to ensure a thriving body of Christ.


Learn creative methods to spread the gospel and win souls to the kingdom.