Christian Education Workshops

This track is targeted to churches that are interested in developing programs and courses to aid in the spiritual maturity and development of their congregation. We have designed breakouts that will give you an opportunity to adopt best practices from our ministries and leaders, plus gain valuable insight on how to enhance your ministry.

Christian Education That Goes Beyond

Presenter:  Reverend Esther L. Gordon, Department Head, FBCG Education & Training Ministries

Christian education programs are successfully built on the foundation of faith in Jesus Christ and the implementation of proven methods. By attending this workshop, you will learn methods for developing teaching curriculums for your church and thus advance the biblical education of your congregation beyond the basics.

Developing Leaders With a Heart to Serve: Associate Ministers for Women

Presenter: TBA

Women comprise the overwhelmingly majority of most congregations. Ministering to this population as a woman has advantages. This session will highlight the value that women ministers bring while recognizing the heart of the pastor, carrying out his/her vision and continuously developing their own personal gifts.

Developing Leaders With a Heart to Serve: Associate Ministers for Men

Presenter: TBA

Recognizing the heart of the pastor and carrying out his/her vision while continuously developing your own gifts and talents can be challenging.  This workshop will identify how to effectively serve with the heart of the pastor without losing your own identity.

For Pastors Only

Presenter: Pastor John Jenkins Sr., Senior Pastor, FBCG

Until you have walked in the shepherd’s shoes, it is impossible to understand the weight of each step. This session will give senior pastors an opportunity to glean invaluable insight from seasoned pastors in an honest and transparent forum.

Developing a Strong Infrastructure and Systems for Your Church

Presenter: Deacon Stanley Featherstone, Director, FBCG Facilities

This workshop will compare and contrast traditional governance models versus models that are tailored to your ministry. The right structure and flexibility are necessary for sustained success. Have you made plans to handle a succession and/or crisis? This session promises to steer you in the right direction.

Ministering to Millennials: Young Adult Ministry

Presenter: Joshua Jenkins, Director, FBCG Young Adult Ministry

Is your church effectively engaging and equipping young adults? Do we know how to help them identify who they are in the Kingdom of God? Strong young-adult leaders are imperative to your church’s sustainability. Let’s discuss strategies for empowering young adults to live godly lives of purpose and passion.

Creating a Cutting-Edge Couples Ministry

Presenters: Ministers Skip and Beverly Little, Directors, FBCG Couples Ministry

Marriages that withstand time and reflect God’s glory require skill and creativity. Making biblical principles relevant and applicable are the keys to building lasting unions. Learn how to develop a ministry that meets couples where they are and motivates them to become everything God desires.

Developing Mission-Minded Men

Moderator: Dr. Johnny Parker, Director, FBCG Men’s Ministry
Panelists:  Minister Skip Little, Director, FBCG Men Connecting With Christ; Deacon Rickey McCullough, FBCG; Deacon Doug Smith, FBCG

Every man wants to be a hero. FBCG men are taught biblical principles to lead at home, work, in the church and community. Leaders of the Men’s Ministry will highlight some of their creative initiatives, as well as the impact of these programs, events and teachings on the church and surrounding communities.

Roadmap to Church Finances

Presenter: Deacon William Gentry, FBCG Chief Financial Officer

How well is your church managing its money? Would your ministry withstand the microscopic scrutiny of an audit? This workshop will provide a checklist so you can assure the congregation that church funds are being managed effectively. Proven budget preparation and management techniques will enable your ministry to soar!

Remaining Emotionally Healthy While Leading

Presenter: Dr. Johnny Parker, Director, FBCG Spiritual Cares

Balance. What does it mean? Staying emotionally healthy in a position of leadership is vital to the development and sustainability of your organization. Learn how to balance the day to day while carrying out the vision of Christ.

The ABCs for Effective Children’s Ministry

Presenter: Moderator: Deacon Doug Smith, FBCG

Panelists:  Kim Green, Director, FBCG Kids World/Princess of the Throne; Jualecia Malone, Director, FBCG Star Ministry; Wayne Apple, Director, FBCG Gideon’s Army Ministry; Reverend William Berkeley, Department Head, FBCG  Children & Youth Ministries

We are called to create environments where children can nurture their relationship with the Lord. Learn proven steps to develop ministries that serve infants, tweens and teens. These include principles of teaching biblical truths to children and establishing structures and safeguards for a nurturing and uplifting experience.

Ministering to the Savvy Senior

Presenter: Reverend Sheryl Smith, Director, FBCG Senior Care Group

This workshop will discuss the importance of keeping seniors active and treating them with dignity. Many are vibrant and ready to engage. Explore ways that ministries can meet the needs of seasoned members and help them maintain vitality and mobility in their golden years.

Ministering to Those Living Single

Presenter: Georgina Agyekum, Director, FBCG Singles Ministry

Being single presents challenges for those who want their lives to glorify the Lord. This session will explore ways to identify topics and methods that are relevant to singles. Discover innovative ways, from a ministerial perspective, to engage and challenge singles to pursue purpose and maximize their potential in this season.

The Vision of Witnessing: Effectual Evangelism

Presenters: Deacon Larry Bussell, FBCG; Deaconess Michelle McCray, FBCG; Deaconess Susie Barfield, FBCG; Deaconess. Mary Wright, FBCG; Deaconess Denise Streeter, FBCG

Witnessing should be a way of life, not something done every now and then. Learn systems for equipping members to share the Good News with new converts, backsliders, the unchurched and the unsure, inside and out of the church!

Transformational Discipleship

Moderator: Angelia Neal

Panelists:  Minister Carolyn Tatem, Director, FBCG Queen Esther Ministry; Karon Yarbourough, Assistant Director, FBCG Divine Discipleship for Sisters Ministry; Kenneth McNeal, Assistant  Director, FBCG Brothers in Discipleship Ministry; Jeff Barnett, Assistant Director, FBCG Joshua’s Anointed Generation Ministry

Leaders from some of FBCG’s discipleship ministries will highlight their creative initiatives and the profound impact these programs, events and teachings have had in the church and surrounding communities.

The Next Level of Youth Ministry

Presenter: Reverend Jonathan Z. Queen, Associate Pastor, FBCG Youth Ministry

Youth have never been fans of tradition and to reach today’s youth, we must be intentional in our efforts to be real, relevant and relational. This workshop will focus on reaching youth in innovative, non-traditional ways that impart Biblical truths and empower youth to live for Christ and become ministers to other youth.

Women Developing Women

Presenter: First Lady Trina Jenkins, Department Head, FBCG Family Life Ministries

An effective women’s ministry should be as unique and dynamic as the women is serves. This workshop will provide insight on establishing and growing a ministry that encompasses in-depth bible studies, seminars pertinent to the issues of the modern-day woman, programs geared toward rebuilding her self-worth and the development of dynamic sister-sister relationships.

Spiritual Gifts

Presenter: Pastor Keith Battle, Senior Pastor, Zion Church

We’ve all been uniquely designed and empowered by God to do His will and work. He has strategically packed us like a Traveler packs his/her luggage for a journey, making sure the contents of our bags are destination and itinerary specific. We’ve been packed on purpose by God for His Itinerary and destiny for our lives, and knowing how He’s packed us is critically important.