Arts & Communication Workshops

There are many ways to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This track is designed to highlight alternate ways to spread the gospel and win souls to the kingdom. We have designed breakouts that will give you an opportunity to adopt best practices from our ministries and leaders. You will gain valuable insight on how to enhance your ministry through the arts and alternate forms of communication.

What’s Your Social Media Strategy?

Keisha Lewis, Director, FBCG Social Media Ministry

This workshop will show you how to use social media to grow your organization. To expand, you must be equipped with modern tools of engagement. Learn strategies for maximizing your social media presence. There also will be practical tips and models for creating an effective social media marketing strategy.

Electronic Tools to Enhance Your Ministry’s Effectiveness

Presenter: Emmanuel Davies, Director, FBCG Information Technology Department

Whether you represent a ministry in its infancy or a thriving nonprofit organization, the ability to store, retrieve, share and secure data is crucial in our technological world. This workshop will lay the foundational principles that are essential to all things IT.

Church Choir ‘101’

Presenter: Patrick Lundy, National Recording Artist  

The choir is the fundamental musical offering of the church. Learn how to be most effective in your choir presentation. From music selection to choir decorum, this session is sure to sharpen your skills and give you tools to bringing excellence back to the choir stand.

The Movement Is More Than Dance (Part 1) – Technique

Presenter: Derrick Witherspoon, Director, Liturgical Dance Ministry (FBCG)

What does it mean to experience the fullness of worship through dance?  This session will teach the theory and technique of blending liturgical dance into a vibrant worship experience.

The Movement Is More Than Dance (Part 2) – Movement

Presenter: Derrick Witherspoon, Director, Liturgical Dance Ministry (FBCG)

What does it mean to experience the fullness of worship through dance? This session will teach movement and style involved with effectively blending liturgical dance into a vibrant worship experience that is rooted in skill and spiritual preparedness. Please note, this session will be in the dance studio.

The Missing Link: Music Administration

Presenter: Linda Plater, FBCG

Artists and creative types tend to be very right-brain dominant. Many are visual, expressive and free thinkers. But organization and structure are needed in order to conduct meetings, schedule engagements, review agreements and operate in excellence. This Master Session will highlight processes to enhance the administrative elements of your music ministry.

The Power of Story: Drama Ministry

Presenter: Joshua Jenkins, Director, FBCG Drama Ministry

There is more than one way to share the gospel. Our Drama Ministry has been effective in reaching souls for Christ through biblically-based theatrical performances. This workshop will provide tools and practice tips for building, creating and maintaining an effective theatrical ministry.

Additional music and arts workshops will be held on the Music & Arts Bonus Day.